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Our head office is situated in Braxted, Essex and is supported by sites in Marks Tey, Barking (London), Cambridge, Kingston Upon Hull, Manningtree and West Horndon.

With us being equidistant between Felixstowe, London Gateway and Tilbury, we protect your future cost structure against inevitable service and trade route amendments by shipping lines.

This will give you a zero-cost hedge against this risk.

Our UK operation provides 4PL services, in-house customs clearance, import & export services, and UKAS-accredited technical services.

We can handle any goods or cargo, but specialise in dried fruit & nut, bulk and bagged coffee, bagged cocoa and sugar.

Our operations are fully approved by the BRC and AIB. We hold the top level (AAA) of BRC accreditation for storage and distribution, and have been consistently awarded above 920 points out of a possible 1,000 by the AIB for our exceptional standards.

Approximate distances from our head office to these major UK ports:

1. London Gateway 32 miles / 51 kilometres

2. Tilbury 37 miles / 59 kilometres

3. Felixstowe 41 miles / 65 kilometres

4. Thamesport 62 miles / 99 kilometres

5. Southampton 145 miles / 233 kilometres


The Commodity Centre has a strong European presence, with locations in key European transit ports and warehouse facilities located in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Vlissingen. We also have connections to Asia and the Americas via our operations in Taiwan and Panama.

Antwerp, Amsterdam & Vlissingen

Our Antwerp office has 100,000 sq m of warehousing, forwarding operations and quayside facilities equipped to handle cargoes for clients that have their own vessels. Antwerp is a hub for cocoa and coffee, among other goods. The Antwerp office has an ICE Arabica licence  has been the main port for storage of Coffee for many years.

Our Amsterdam and Vlissingen sites are ideally situated close to two major European ports, offering warehousing for soft commodities, cocoa and coffee. The sites are exceptionally well connected for onward transit and boast first class forward operations.

Vlissingen is one of the oldest and busiest European ports. Made famous through its involvement in the aluminium market for which it historically stored a huge proportion of the world's stocks. Nowadays it is used for many other products and has excellent transport links. The Commodity Centre has the capability to store and handle a range of commodities in this region, offering a flexible and adaptable service.

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Our Antwerp site, situated on the Port’s Right Bank, has 100,000sq m of warehousing space, and with forwarding operations and quayside facilities is equipped to handle cargoes for clients that have their own vessels.

As a major European hub for coffee and cocoa, Antwerp is ideally situated for onward distribution to mainland Europe. Our site is placed in close proximity to road and rail links, providing a fast and efficient onward service for distribution to the Netherlands, France, Germany and the rest of mainland Europe.

We are equally well situated for general cargo, which arrive from mainland Europe for onward distribution and shipping across the world.

Our Antwerp operation provides 4PL services, customs clearance, import & export services, and basic technical services.

In Antwerp we deal with cocoa, coffee, dried fruit & nut, sugar and general cargo.


Our Amsterdam site opened in 2016 to extend our European services, offering flexible and adaptable quayside warehouse space and exceptional links to mainland Europe by road and rail.

The Port of Amsterdam is the worlds largest import port for cocoa, with facilities from transhipment to manufacturing available in the region, which is reflected in the bulk, bags and products for cocoa that we offer. The port also has excellent hinterland connections for cocoa transportation.

We will be announcing an exciting new project in the region soon.

Our Amsterdam operation provides 4PL services, customs clearance, import & export services, and basic technical services.

In Amsterdam we deal with cocoa and cocoa product and are situated in close proximity to Amsterdam’s cocoa factories.

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The Port of Antwerp in Belgium is a port in the heart of Europe, It is Europe’s second-largest seaport, after Rotterdam.

Antwerp stands at the upper end of the tidal estuary of the Scheldt. The estuary is navigable by ships of more than 100,000 Gross Tons as far as 80 km inland. The Port of Antwerp’s inland location provides a more central location in Europe than the majority of North Sea ports.

Antwerp’s docks are connected to the hinterland by rail, road, and river and canal waterways. As a result, the port of Antwerp has become one of Europe’s largest sea ports.

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Antwerp port

Antwerp Port

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Antwerp Port Headquarters






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