EcO2 Fumigation


The EcO2 system at the Commodity Centre is the first permanent terminal to be constructed in the UK and has been available for use since 1st May 2007.
EcO2 is a specialised treatment system developed to provide environmental-friendly pest control in food supplies, spaces where food is being stored, buildings, silo’s, aeroplanes, containers, art, antiques and wood packaging material. The techniques were all developed by specialists in co-operation with the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment and the Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.
Ec02 treatment is particularly useful in the treatment of Organic goods as it controls pests in an environmental-friendly way using specially developed techniques without the use of any toxic gases.


Every terminal has the disposal of an online connection with the EcO2 head office in Rotterdam to control temperature, humidity and the level of oxygen to ensure efficient treatment.Advantages of EcO2 techniques;

• 100% non-toxic treatment
• Reduced treatment time.
• No residual chemicals.
• Approved for use on organic goods.
• No resistance in pest population.
• Independent of atmospheric influences.
• Safe for consumers.
• Safe for producers
• Safe for the environment.
• Applicable in production process.


Speedbox Fumigation (Phosphine Gas)


By developing the Speedbox, Detia Degesch has made it possible to optimize the field of application of Degesch Plates. These plates have stood the test of time when used for Phosphine gas generation in containers of stacked cartons & bags. Their field of application is in mills, storerooms and in the direct treatment of foodstuff and tobacco.

However, in prevailing low temperatures the gas evolvement from Degesh Plates is delayed.  The use of A Detia Degesh Speedbox, which warms the air around the plates, will facilitate a 100% decomposition of the plates and therefore maximises gas production within 60 hours independent of the outside temperatures. Furthermore the time until the required gas concentration is reached is decisively shortened.
Fast penetration and a short fumigation period also make for an effective treatment of packed storage products. The easy handling before and after the fumigation is much appreciated by pest controllers worldwide.


Advantages of The Speedbox;


• Effective fumigation of product, especially in low temperatures
• Conceived for the use of the advantageous Degesch Plates.
• Faster achievement of the effective gas concentration.
• Degassing time is reduced.

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